I am not a cynic

I am not a cynic. Which makes me feel very lonely in the political world at the moment. I hate the negativity about politicians and their motives. I hate the tribalism. I hate the certainty that one team has a monopoly on good ideas and good intentions.

I think that most politicians – broadly speaking – want to do the right thing. I think most voters – broadly speaking – want what is best for our country and world. But we are held being held back by a web of negative assumptions, collective action problems, cynicism and apathy. How can we turn that around?

This blog gives my perspective on a range of issues, with what I hope is a realistic, fact-based, non-cynical lens.

I also write blogs for Lib Dem Voice, which you can read here: https://www.libdemvoice.org/author/ben-andrews

  • Being a local Councillor: The good, the bad and the ugly

    28th Dec 2021 by

    I was honoured to be elected as a local Councillor in 2018. While I’ve known for a long time that work and family commitments would stop me from running again, it has been a really interesting experience. I have had loads of questions about it from family, friends and others so thought I would write… Read more

  • When did we become so unforgiving?

    21st Nov 2020 by

    When I first became interested in politics as a wide-eyed teenager, I was confident that progressives were the ones who saw nuance in people’s lives. We don’t call people benefit scroungers, but appreciate the root causes of poverty. We believe in rehabilitation when people make mistakes, not throwing away the key. These kinds of views… Read more

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